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FREE Shipping on orders over $100 and only $9.99 on all other orders!*
*Oversized items may incur additional shipping charge
Our logo of a black, white, and orange calico cat sitting in a dark gray circle with the name The Calico Cat Quilt Shop

Directions to Pay at Pickup during checkout

Most online orders or pre-orders made through our website can be picked up at the shop and paid at the time of pickup.  If this is the option you want to use, there are specific steps in the checkout process to be sure your order goes through correctly and doesn't get charged any shipping fee.

Once you have everything in your shopping cart, use the "Checkout" button to begin the checkout process.
picture of an order in the cart
The "Checkout" button will bring you to the next shopping cart screen to continue with your order.  The default option is to have your order shipped to you.  To pickup your order instead of having it shipped, select "FREE In-Store Pickup" or "FREE Curbside Pickup."
picture of an order in the cart
Select Free In-store Pickup
picture of an order in the cart using the free in-store pickup option
OR Free Curbside Pickup
picture of an order in the cart using the free curbside pickup option
Either option will make you select a location for pickup.
(Doesn't really matter when there's only one location, but the system still makes you select the location.)
Also note that your shipping and pickup option can be changed on this screen at any time under the order subtotal by selecting "Change" or by selecting one of the other shipping and pickup options.
are you a robot?After verifying that you are not a robot, the system will let you continue to the payment options screen.  "Pay Now" is the default option, but you can select "Pay at Pickup" if you would prefer.
payment options screen
After selecting the "Pay at Pickup" option, you can place your order and won't need to worry about payment until you arrive!place your order screen


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