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Our logo of a black, white, and orange calico cat sitting in a dark gray circle with the name The Calico Cat Quilt Shop

Sammie's Scraps - a scrap drive!

Sammie is a squirrel you may find hiding around in the shop.  Sammie doesn't usually like to hang around in one spot too long so may be spotted just about anywhere.  True to squirrel nature, Sammie tends to get easily distracted and ends up starting way more tasks than what ever get finished.  There are times we can totally relate and have a tendency to declare "squirrel" when we get distracted around here.

Sammie is not only our shop mascot at times, Sammie is the full-time mascot for our scrap can.  We use this can to collect fabric and batting scraps here at the shop.  When the can is full, the bag of scraps will go to the Union Gospel Mission of Sioux Falls.  They bale up the scraps and are able to sell the bales, which helps their mission.  The bales they sell are processed to make products that help even more people.  (I'm still not clear on the specifics and hope to learn more when I get to take in the first bag.)

YOU can help by bringing in any fabric and batting scraps that you have that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage and adding them to Sammie's Scrap Can.  That will help us fill the can up faster!  Stop in with your scraps any time we're open and stop back here for updates in the future like how many pounds of scraps we've been able to collect and more!

And don't forget to watch for Sammie when you're dropping off those scraps!
Picture of the can we collect fabric scraps in


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